What you are going to discover here is not the usual fitness and health information you can find on every other blog out there. The knowledge here is very specific and might also challenge current dogmas. 

This blog intends to educate you, to provide you with the knowledge you need to be able to think and reason all by yourself! I want you to think critically about what is dogmatically told by the government's health institutions and the food and the fitness industry. 

Start thinking.
Start questioning.
Start implementing.

For a healthier, happier, more vibrant you. 

Become a health diva.

"Low salt": FUCK NO!

Wow, you really made it down here!!

Congrats, I hope you like what you have discovered so far :) I would be very happy if you let me know what you think!

As a last thing, there's something more I would like to state:

I have my own opinion.  I clearly state it. 

And I have my reasons for doing so.

To give you some expamples

I'm NOT for low fat nor low cholesterol. 

I'm NOT for low salt. 

I'm very anti-GMO.

And I don't give a fuck about the food pyramid!

As always: you may believe what you want to believe. You may agree or you may disagree. 

It's just how it is. I don't judge you. So don't judge me upon my beliefs.